3 Features that You Can’t Miss in a Gaming Laptop

Good gaming laptops are generally expensive and laptop buyers are looking for a gaming laptop that is less expensive as well as satisfies their need of high performance while playing games. Here are three features which are of prime importance in a gaming laptop:

: – The GPU or graphics card is always a prima focus when looking for a gaming laptop. A best graphic card is a blend of cutting-edge technology and fastest speed. Combining a good graphics card with a good processor gives you an unbeatable pair to impress enough your gaming experience. Always look for a dedicated graphics card rather than integrated card. And always look for latest technology while selecting graphics card or processor. These considerations may increase the buying cost for the gaming laptop but it will give you the best performance.

Memory: – Whatever the other specifications of a laptop, less than 4 GB of RAM will not be sufficient now a day for a gaming laptop. Without a large amount of RAM memory, you won’t be able to play latest games and there will be a lack of speed as well. Adequate RAM memory is crucial as games will freeze up mid play if RAM memory is not enough. VRAM also called video RAM memory which comes with dedicated graphics card is another important factor which cannot be overlooked.

Screen Size: – Best gaming experience can be enjoyed only on big size screens. The larger the size of the screen, better the gaming experience. A 17 inch or higher screen size is most suitable for playing games. You can get an amazing experience on bigger screens while playing games. The resolution and display quality must comply with the latest standards of graphics technology. Although you can play games with less screen size of less than 17 inches but then you may not encounter clarity when playing games.

You should always keep the above factors in mind when selecting a gaming laptop. And the last thing is that allow yourself to buy gaming laptop only when you are assured that the price is in your budget.